The story of WACOT Rice Limited did not happen overnight.

As with every success, there is a journey. For one to run, you must first crawl, then stand and walk. This means this journey is evolutionary. Such is the story of WACOT Rice Limited.

For decades, our parent company the TGI Group has invested significantly in providing nutritional food products in Nigeria. Our mission has always been to positively impact those we come in contact with us, regardless of their age, and social or cultural standing. This rich heritage is what has now birthed our foray into the Rice value chain, and how we conduct ourselves and our business in the sector.

We came to Argungu in 2015 with an idea, and a desire for Nigeria to be a nation that does the most basic thing for its citizens – i.e. feed itself. This desire being shared by our key stakeholders paved the way for what we are today.

From supporting our farmers, to partnering with our host communities, our evolutionary rice journey has brought prosperity and diversity to the rural communities we operate in.

We will continue to invest in impactful rice value chain projects in rural Nigeria with a firm belief that soon, Nigeria will feed itself in an inclusive and impactful manner.

Farouk Gumel


WACOT Rice Limited