Sustainability is one of the WACOT Rice values and is at the core of our business model. Our sustainable approach ensures that we drive positive economic, environmental, and social impact for all our stakeholders – from sourcing raw materials locally, to have a strong distribution base that ensures we serve our customers as efficiently as possible and empowering our farmer communities.

WACOT Rice was the first Rice Mill in Nigeria with a capacitive Power Co-Generation facility. Today we generate 1 MW of electricity by burning husk thereby ensuring that all by-products and waste products are fully consumed and the environment is adequately protected.

Further, the waste ash generated by burning the husk is used as a special input for making bricks which can be used for speciality construction due to its high silica content

Outgrower Farming

Our outgrower farming program supports the farmer from planting till harvest. Today, we have impacted over 30,000 farmers through the program, and through partnerships with organizations such as the West Africa Trade and Investment Hub (WATIH), we are able to expand the program to even more.

Through our outgrower program, we provide the farmers with quality Agri inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and herbicides; provide training in agricultural best practices such as soil management, water management etc; provide crop monitoring and advisory services; and at harvest, we guarantee the farmers 100% yield offtake at market prices. 

Our efforts in this space since 2017 to date has doubled our farmer’s yield from just over 2MT to 4MT, thereby significantly increasing our farmer’s income.

Our Partners